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All cast crew. See production, box office, company info The Glass Connections Even the Cast Didn't' Know. The Glass Connections Even the Cast Didn't' Know. Glass connects the worlds of Unbreakable and Split, but creator M. Night Shyamalan and stars Samuel L.
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Split is the latest horror film to misunderstand why mental illness is terrifying The Verge. clock. menu. more-arrow. no. yes. Follow The Verge on Facebook. Follow The Verge on Twitter. RSS feed all stories on The Verge. Search. Vox Media.
In that moment, all the tension and internal conflict evaporates, and any connection the audience may have had with him is instantly severed. That moment encapsulates the trouble with Split, and with the countless films that have made the same error: before we can feel her pain, weve got to feel his.
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Amelia Joubert, an 18-year-old living with Dissociative Identity Disorder said she thinks Split is having a larger effect on younger people with DID; they're' less familiar with older films, such as Psycho and Identity, that also contain violent characters with multiple personalities.

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